Another One Bites The Dust: NJ Online Casinos Shatter Another Revenue Record

When will New Jersey online casinos stop growing?
Thats the question that comes up each month since the Division of Gaming Enforcement (DGE) releases the monthly internet casino revenue figures.
The solution isnt October 2019 since the online casino market posted another record-revenue month of??$45.2 million.
In fact, through 2019casino earnings, which includes online poker, also posted record amounts seven from 10 months. Year so far it is sporting a 58.2% increase in comparison with the exact identical period this past year.
October 2019 (normalized for the extra day) climbed 6.4percent from September, which was record-setting, and an impressive 69% compared to October 2018.
So, no. New Jerseys online casino gaming is not done growing.
It is probably no surprise the its online partners and Golden Nugget AC continue to direct the NJ marketplace. The fact that the business keeps one-upping itself is what is really striking.
However, Golden Nugget is not the only online casino, this month. Here are a few highlights from this months revenue numbers:
Golden Nugget enhances on its best month to currently bringing $16.6 million in revenue. The online gambling part is holding down the fort this month as the casino brick-and-mortar earnings earned $14.7 million, down 9.6percent from last month.
Resorts Digital, that includes DraftKings Casino and PokerStars, brought in $10.3 million, also good for its very initial eight-figure month and a rise of a large 196.2percent compared to October 2018.
Borgata, which includes BetMGM and PartyCasino and will be the undisputed leader in the category, also had a fantastic month. It earned a record online casino revenue quantity of 7.7 million, great for a 77.7% increase year over year.
Caesars Interactive Entertainment brought $4.26 million, which is nothing to sneeze at. Compared to others, 9% growth seems a bit anti-climatic.
Tropicana published a rise of 4.8percent with $3.88 million. Any growth is great news, when youre sitting near the base of the pack.
And at the bottom of the totem pole are Hard Rock Atlantic City and Ocean Casino.
Hard Rock, which includes Bet365 and Unibet, earned $1.8 million. While thats fantastic to get a 78% improvement over this past year, it is far out of reach of moving up a place on the leaderboard.
Ocean Casino stayed in six-figures at $543,043. And as mentioned above, it is the only casino to post a year-over-year decline (8.8percent ).
The online casino revenue report makes it obvious we should quit asking when growing will quit. It will tell us when its good and prepared and this time is clearly.
Online casino games, such as slots and table games, earned $43.5 million of the $45.2 million to the whole internet casino industry. That represents a 6.8% increase month over month and also a massive 73.6% growth year over year.
Whats important to notice is that historically NJ online casinos stay relatively flat from September to October creating a 6.8% increase something to write home about. Case in point:
The increase may well result from the rise in cross-selling goods, as sportsbook programs combine and launch their own casino/poker counterparts.
Need proof internet casino games are not done growing? Take a look at the trend line Placed on the online casino revenue graph:
Theres not any hint of slowing down there . See the 2019 YTD figure. With two more months of earnings to include is whether New Jersey will reach at $500 million to the entire year? Itll be hard, but it is possible.
Heres an idea, instead of focusing on as it will cease, how about focusing on the best way best to keep it going?
There is no clear Reply to that query, but a Great start is to get internet casinos to:
Divine Fortune jackpots which continue to cover out will not hurt the cause, either.
Theres absolutely no need to inquire when the NJ poker market will stop growing since it ceased quite a while ago. The needle barely goes from month to month.
In October, online poker brought in $1.6 million from most internet New Jersey poker rooms.
Thats a 3.1% decrease in comparison to September when normalized for the excess moment. A look at year over poker and year is declining, .08percent in October 2019.
Its sad to saythat for online poker a month that is stagnant is a month.
Historically, online casinos tend to have a little bit of dip or remain level whether the marketplace has stopped growing and when it can, please do not ask. Be aware that the decrease is anticipated.
Keep a watch on NJ poker earnings, nevertheless. PokerStars PA is currently live and the site is drawing some impressive numbers. Promises and the numbers in the Sunday leading tournaments may be enticing to head out of town and across the boundary to get their weekend .
The information doesnt get any better for poker now. PokerStars declared PACOOP — The Championship Of Online Poker since the sites signature tournament series.
Itll operate from Nov. 30-Dec. 16. With more than $1 million in promises, it is not difficult to envision it will have a negative impact on NJ poker revenue in December.
Instead of predicting more success or worse, that the sky has fallen, let us just sit back and enjoy a different month as a result of online casino gambling in New Jersey. And well see you back next month to do everything over again.

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