Our Team

CEO and Lead Planner

Sharon Lechner is the founder and lead planner for Events by Sharon.  She is a CMP (Certified Meeting Professional), VEMM (Virtual Events and Meetings Management) and has taken her Hybrid Certification with Cvent. She is the former VP of Education for CanSPEP (Canadian Society of Special Event Planners)  She offers complete virtual, hybrid and in-person event planning services.  

Shaleigh Spence was raised on small Vancouver island with a very large family. Recently moving to Ontario she brings with her excited and driven energy. She has a passion for helping others and bringing people together. She has assisted in each community she has lived in along the way while being a volunteer firefighter for eight years and has traveled the world for leisure and volunteer activities where she has run multiple of her own fundraisers. Her first fundraiser was at the age of fourteen. Some events Shaleigh has worked at have ranged from business meetings, weddings, Christmas parties, and fundraisers for social justice or humanitarian work. Shaleighs true passion is within humanitarian work or weddings as weddings express love.  Humanitarian work you always find a deeper meaning in life and watching communities pull together to help those who need it is so beautiful. Shaleigh was once told by a coworker that “we are turning moments into memories” and that stuck with her and is how she lives her life. She puts everything into what she is doing if it is organizing an event, fighting fires, or just singing in the shower. She just wants everyone’s moments to become amazing memories.

Shaleigh Spence, Event Assistant